| AMICIS DEUXIEME TC20 | 181 sqm


Reminiscent of the previous realization for Amicis Deuxieme boutique, the project embrace an overall design approach: a bold space planning, tailor made furnishing and a grand control of finishings and lighting.
Leading theme of the interior concept is Unity: existing walls have been demolished and detached rooms connected in order to define a single and unique space.
Core of the layout plan is the central accessories display: an opal white marble block that stands out with unconventional geometries, subtle details and a naturally patterned surface.
The ambience is consistently soft.
Creamy toned resin and desaturated birch claddings are the background for the scene where champagne tone galvanized aluminum hanging bars and shelves define a rigorous product display.
The storefront offers a delicate see-through effect: the amber polycarbonate sliding panels are a key element to lead and control the exterior light into the space, providing an efficient yet emotional background for the shopwindows.